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18650 lithium Ion Battery Pack Manufacturers

Buy 18650 lithium ion battery which is of high quality directly with low price. Encore Energy offers cylindrical lithium ion battery cell 18650 and battery pack, diversified capacity levels from 800mah to 3350mah; with discharge rates from 1C to 35C and custom the battery pack has 2S1P, 1S2P, 2S2P, 3S1P, 3S2P, 3S3P,4S1P, 5S1P and so on...

7 years expertise in lithium ion polymer battery cell & pack manufacture and design, custom the battery including: 
--- High voltage and energy density for small batteries, such like 3.8V-4.3V and 3.85V-4.35V; 
--- Fast charge and high power rate battery, such like 5C, 10C and 25C;
--- Ultra thin battery, such like 2mm thickness; 

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Where is quality and cheap 18650 lithium Ion Battery Pack made in China? Dongguan Encore Energy Co.,Ltd. is definitely your good choice. We are known as one of the most professional 18650 lithium Ion Battery Pack manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have our own factory and we can provide our customers with newest Factory directly supply 18650 lithium Ion Battery Pack, which can be customized. In addition, our products are not only UL certificated, but also the price is very favorable. You are welcomed to contract us and buy what you need with our price list and quotation. Our products have a wide range of applications, including Bluetooth headset, toy, vape, e cigarette, Digital, smart watch, Drone, RC, Bluetooth speaker, etc.