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Which is better between polymer lithium battery and 18650 lithium battery


1. The 18650 battery is cylindrical with transparent liquid inside. This is due to the battery concept and material. 18650 is suitable for high current, so that almost all laptops and electric cars are basically designed with 18650 batteries; only super notebooks, This is due to environmental protection and energy saving, so polymer lithium-ion batteries can be used instead of 18650 batteries, especially for tablet computers, etc. Digital cameras are due to the large voltage and instantaneous high current required for charging and discharging of the photo flash, so only 18650 can be used. Similar batteries, only slightly smaller;

2. The advantages of polymer lithium-ion batteries are that they are small in size and large in capacity. The disadvantage is that their lifespan is shorter than that of 18650. This is due to the use of different concepts and materials. Some have transparent liquid inside, and some are dry or colloidal solution. , and the performance of high-current discharge is not as good as that of 18650 cylindrical batteries, so large-capacity and small-volume electrical equipment is required. Generally speaking, polymer lithium-ion batteries are used. The most common performance is mobile phones, tablet computers and other machinery and equipment. .

Which one is better, polymer lithium-ion battery or 18650 lithium-ion battery

Large capacity polymer lithium-ion battery

For the same volume of polymer lithium-ion battery and 18650 battery, the capacity of polymer is larger, about 30% higher than the above. When buying a large-capacity mobile charger, it is best to choose polymer, which is lighter and lighter.

18650 battery capacity is small

The capacity of the 18650 battery is generally 2200mAh,

There are three specifications of 2400mAh and 2600mAh, and mobile chargers with 18650 cells are selected, and most of the above specifications are completed in parallel.

It is conceivable that the 8000mAh above-mentioned 18650 mobile charger. The shape design must be relatively large.

Service life polymer lithium-ion battery VS18650 battery

The polymer lithium-ion battery is charged and discharged 1000 times above, and the capacity is the lowest.

The 18650 battery is charged and discharged 500 times, and the capacity is reduced by about 30%.

Safety polymer lithium ion battery VS18650 battery

A layer of aluminum film is used on the outside of the polymer electric oil, which is covered with a layer of high-toughness medical tape. It will never explode. At most, it will only bulge. So that compared with 18650, the polymer battery is still very flexible.