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Factory Fire Drill


2022 Work Safety Emergency Drill Plan

I, Purpose:

   1. Improve staff's safety awareness and emergency response and organization ability;

   2. Improve employees' ability to escape and evacuate in emergencies;

   3. Popularize safety knowledge of all staff and the use of safety equipment;

   4. Inspect the breakdown of production equipment and fire fighting facilities to ensure that they can be fully used in the emergency measures;

   5. Use their own knowledge to save others, save themselves, and protect the safety of property;

II, Exercise Time: 2022/4/24  7:40 AM ( Subject to alarm bell)

III, Participants: All personnel of the company; If customers visit the factory on that day, the sales or visiting person in charge should inform customers of this fire drill in advance.

IV, Contents of this fire drill:

   1. Personnel evacuation and warning isolation belt setting; 

   2. Sudden accidents(flood, fire, explosion, gas leakage, machinery and water and electric road failure) safety escape, safety protection, save people and protect the safety of property;

   3. Safety appliances, equipment and fire fighting equipment practical operation;

   4. Select on-site staff to operate fire extinguishers;

V, Evacuation center of drill:

      Assemble to playground next to the packing lot(emergency assembly evacuation point)

VI, Exercise implementation process and requirements(The following time is assumed)

1. 7:40:00 assume(workshop 2, workshop 3 - smoke bomb) fire protection system fire alarm sound; Fire system fire alarm sounded, and communication group, photography group start working;
2. 7:40:05 Each area automatically shuts down the power supply of the equipment(except for special circumstances) and the evacuation guidance group and power outage group start working;
3. 7:41 Officer in each division head arrangement, orderly evacuated from nearby security exit and corridor(customers and people in need, such as pregnant women, accompanied by departments should arrange personnel evacuation), workshop volunteer firefighter(part-time security officer) refers to the various departments last patrolling the area, after confirm all personnel evacuation count(site) report to the department supervisor, head of unified arrangement or again designated personnel report to the on-site headquarters statistician, security alert group start working;

4. At 7:43, participants in the exercise shall gather in the designated area(gather at the playground next to the parking lot), and the on-site commander shall assign statisticians to count the number of people reporting, Each supervisor verifies the number of people who should be present, the number of people who actually arrive, the number of people who ask for leave, the number of people on business trip, and completes the personnel count. 

Set up alert isolation area, fire fighting group start working;

5. Fire fighting group demonstrates the use of fire extinguishers, and the deputy commander is responsible for explanation. Then the on-site staff were assigned to practice the use of fire extinguishers to ensure that all staff could master the correct use and fire extinguishing methods.
6. 8:05 observer evaluation and then the company's leaders or commander-in-chief to summarize the fire drill.
7. 8:10 all staff orderly disbanded back to their respective workshops;
8. At 9:00, each group will collect and summarize the problems in the drill and formulate countermeasures for improvement.